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Band Booking

The Casler’s Kitchen & Bar is always looking for new bands to book. We have live music every Friday and Saturday either on our stage or outside on the patio during the summer. We try to provide our customers with the top local and regional rock ‘n roll bands and modern country in Indiana. Bands are booked 9 to 12 months in advance.

The question is always asked “How can my band play at the Casler’s Kitchen & Bar?”. It is a fairly easy process. Do NOT send an e-mail to our website. Please get a picture of your band, a set list, and a CD recording of your music. Drop off this information at the bar or send by mail. You will be judged on all three items, with the CD given the most emphasis. If your CD does not represent your best work, do not send it. Be professional and get the best recording possible. Do NOT ask to have your music listened to on your website, Facebook, or on MySpace. Listening to music through laptop speakers is not how a band wants their music judged.

Another question that is frequently asked is “What kind of music are you looking for?”. Basically, cover bands are what we are looking for. Eighty to Ninety percent covers with a few originals thrown in. Heavy metal bands are a no-go. If all you play is Little Jimmy Dickens or Guy Lombardo, don’t bother. The Casler’s Kitchen & Bar customers are 21 – 45 years old and they like to dance and sing along with their favorite songs. Which brings us to the most important point in this presentation: You are booked to entertain Casler’s customers, period. What the Casler’s Kitchen & Bar owners think of your band is irrelevant. It is what the customers think. The better a band can establish a rapport with the customers, the more that band will be asked back to play.

Casler’s Kitchen & Bar is a rock ‘n roll bar – music from the 60’s to the present, with emphasis on what women want. Bands that play predominately Southern rock, heavy metal, hardcore blues and old-time country are usually not booked. Acoustic singles, duos or groups are not booked on the weekends, but may be brought in to play an acoustic set on Wednesday night or during the summer on Sundays.

Good Luck!